Friday, April 24, 2009

Flea Market Finds- April 19

There's nothing like rooting through piles of old junk and finding fun little treasures and amazing bargains.

I secretly want to grow up to be one of those weird, quirky little old ladies who appear at weekly antique markets, with stockpiles of randomness and maybe just a little too much makeup.

New Keyboards & Boom Box Pouch!

When printing my images, i always start out with test prints. It's just to make sure that the image comes through clearly and there are no major flubs. I wanted to test out a navy blue ink mixture and some white, so i grabbed these random pieces of fabric. They turned out rather well, so i've made each of them into handy zipper pouches which are now available in the shop!

Beige with Big White Dots

White On Purple

Green Gingham

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random & Thrifted

Thrifted: Vintage Gold Frame
Vintage Gold Frame- $3 (the framed image is a postcard for the upcoming Jen Corace show at Art Star gallery in Philly)

Thrifted: Petit Point Necklace
Petit Point Pendant on Gold Chain- $1!

Thrifted: Hammond Organ Sheet Music

Sheet music from Hammond Organ Co.- $0.50 (to be framed)

P.S.- I died and went to vintage heaven yesterday, but it was more look and no spend. I think i'll being going there again today for more torture.


As someone who used to screenprint old school style (screens on big wooden frames, ghetto-rigged lamps, carcinogenic photo-emulsions) and now uses a Gocco machine- for which supplies are no longer being manufactured- i was surprised to see this contraption being advertised in the Joann Fabric ad that came in the mail today.

This machine is so big and goofy looking, but i'm intrigued, that's for sure. See it in action here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

As If i Needed Another Thing to Get Into

About a week and a half ago i taught myself how to crochet, and to be honest, i think i'm obsessed! I don't have any big plans for this at the moment, as i just wanted to make some simple bows to add as embellishments to my larger bags and to pin onto my own clothing.

I've been playing around with different sizes and shapes and really just want to make them in every color of the rainbow!

And speaking of crocheted bows, checkout out these adorable, custom made bow scarves that showed up in my mailbox today!

They were made by the lovely Mousseauchocolat. She has a few different styles, and i'm pretty sure she'll whip up any color combo you'd like, so take a sec and check out her shop!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Etsy Favorites: RED!

Red's my favorite color. So, in honor of this and Valentine's Day, which is fast approaching, here are some items i've picked straight from my Etsy Favorites.

-Lovers Gaze Teeny Tiny Valentines from PureVintageGold
-Sweater Pillow from Jenn3star
-Vintage Red & Black Patterned Jacket from VintageDarling***
-Wool Felt Special Edition Mixtape from Bravemoonman

-Kissing Booth Letterpress Poster from Rollandtumblepress
-Hand Knit Skinny Scarf w/Bows from Misshipchick
-Sweet Sweetheart Necklace from SoCharmed
-Summer Love Print from BabyFangs

***I'm constantly lusting after vintage on Etsy, so i'm always always always adding things to my favorites. A few days ago i realized that i actually own this jacket, but in black and white! I picked it up a few weeks ago at one of my favorite thrift stores, but hadn't noticed until after VintageDarling relisted it, so i saw it again and wondered why the pattern looked so familiar. Crazy!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


The flea market is finally done and over with!

It was a successful one, and i'm now psyched to get back to work and replenish my stock. I'm psyched to have gotten rid of a lot of old bags, shoes, clothing and jewelry. I'm psyched for the ideas i have for my space at Mew, which is in need of a major overhaul.

Oh, yeah...I'm also psyched 'cuz i'm about to stuff my face with a really awesome cheeseburger.