Friday, February 6, 2009

Etsy Favorites: RED!

Red's my favorite color. So, in honor of this and Valentine's Day, which is fast approaching, here are some items i've picked straight from my Etsy Favorites.

-Lovers Gaze Teeny Tiny Valentines from PureVintageGold
-Sweater Pillow from Jenn3star
-Vintage Red & Black Patterned Jacket from VintageDarling***
-Wool Felt Special Edition Mixtape from Bravemoonman

-Kissing Booth Letterpress Poster from Rollandtumblepress
-Hand Knit Skinny Scarf w/Bows from Misshipchick
-Sweet Sweetheart Necklace from SoCharmed
-Summer Love Print from BabyFangs

***I'm constantly lusting after vintage on Etsy, so i'm always always always adding things to my favorites. A few days ago i realized that i actually own this jacket, but in black and white! I picked it up a few weeks ago at one of my favorite thrift stores, but hadn't noticed until after VintageDarling relisted it, so i saw it again and wondered why the pattern looked so familiar. Crazy!


StickyKitten said...

i like the bravemoonman cassette tape pouch! i own one of them in blue. it's so cool! ;-)
happy almost valentine's day!

Erin said...

living the cassette pouch! that, ironically, would probably hold a cell phone pretty well